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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Slow X startup & Tracking initialization

After discovering that X startup takes a while even with the simplest configuration, I did a little more digging, and found that the PCI probe code was accessing nonexistent "/proc/pci" files about 8000 times!

Two people responded to the timing request (Thanks guys!), and their startup times were about the same as mine. Oddly enough my wife's nvidia base laptop was 2.2 second, but it still have the hammering of "/proc/pci".

I've send mail off the X developers, and hopefully they can fix it.

More details at:

It looks like davejhas already found this:


Also I've talked with Federico, and J5 about how to track when different applications startup and complete initialization. It looks like sending timestamped messages over the DBUS is a possibility.

I might also be able to get what I want by recording all of the timestamps of the major events, and then figuring out after the fact what is happening where. (This is pretty much was Federico's timing patches did.) If I sleep for a long enough time before starting the session close, I won't shutdown before everything is complete.


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